Does the world really need AI ??

How do you decide that you need AI and up to what extent!!

Human interrogating AI
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Artificial Intelligence is the new incline and the whole world is rolling over it. There is a huge demand for AI in almost all sectors be it industry or domestic. People are innovating with AI to implement it in their respective domains. We are excited to see new application areas and the latest developments ongoing. Almost everybody is using AI in some or another way but still the question remains relevant, Do you really need AI?

Lets try to understand where and why we need any machine or AI ..

Machines were developed to make our work easier. Simply, they were mere assistants who take the burden out of our body or mind. With time humans become intelligent and they demanded a better assistant somebody who is compatible with their skillset and intelligence. Then started an era of making the machines more intelligent so that they can assist us better.

Another scenario, we get bored if we do any repetitive work, in simple words it is monotony. We are wired in a way that if nothing is changing then we get bored and want to leave it. So using a machine there is a good idea. It can work day and night without fatigue or getting bored.

Apart from the above two things we don’t need AI as an assistant in our life.

new world order with AI
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AI can solve many mysteries for us and is making the world better by creating various business solutions which are changing the trends in the market. It is very much important for sectors like healthcare, finance, and agriculture. But there are many segments where the use of AI has been disruptive and it has created an urgent need to regulate and resolve the usage of AI in some of these segments. One of the prime segments is social media where people use deepfakes which is altogether a privacy & security issue. Such instances have raised the concept of ethical AI. Another one can be the use of AI in job automation or it can be creating instability in stock markets with AI algorithms are some of the key reasons that AI access should be limited.

Using AI in our daily life sometimes can be a problem. AI is still struggling in image recognition and Google’s image recognition algorithm tagged two black friends as gorillas. This is disturbing but can happen with anybody. People have faced face recognition issues with iphone.

“Success in creating effective AI could be the biggest event in the history of our civilisation. Or the worst. So we cannot know if we will be infinitely helped by AI or ignored by it and sidelined, or conceivably destroyed by it.”- Stephen Hawking

AI is taking over menial tasks so now humans need to find ways to engage themselves somewhere else. This freedom which seems like a utopia as of now to everyone is taking away the life experiences which were involved when they got late to work or did some mistake while doing an assignment. These all are experiences & memories which will be missed soon. We would be requiring some really good moments to make our lives interesting.

Let us take some very simple situations to understand where we can miss the real people. A person could miss somebody human over the phone while sharing his problems. Kids might miss their school teachers who are an integral part of an ideal support system in the early building years. Someday while going to the restaurant you might miss a lovely smile from the guy who served you hot coffee.

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You could even miss Mr. Bob who used to work next to your chair in the office because now we have a bot to do that low skill job. The work is better now but still, you will miss Bob. That smile that could make your day is missing now.

Still, we have a lot more to explore with AI but there is a need to create some ethics and regulations over the use and extent of AI so that we can use AI without the fear of being sidelined and superimposed. There are many fields where we need to implement AI but there are some where we need to put special attention so that the intervention is smooth.

There could be a lot more to discuss but these are some of the areas where I feel we should look and discuss together. Will continue with them in the upcoming blog. I would appreciate your comments and claps if we are on the same page.



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